I see my job as a photographer is to celebrate and document life, to take a moment to be present and observe, to create a visual memory of what is most important to you. Whether it be your wedding day, hanging out in the backyard with ones you love, walking on the beach, telling the story of what you do professionally, kissing your favourites, or whispering in the furry ear of your four-legged bestie, I will capture and create a keepsake of whatever it is you LOVE in life.

I believe memories are built around special moments and as a photographer I love the honour of being asked to capture these moments. My approach to photographing is relaxed, unobtrusive and fun, but always crafted in a unique and stylish way and I’ve been looking through the lens professionally for fifteen years.

I work both independently and in contract roles, and have also worked teaching photography. I only use professional-level photographic equipment so can assure you I’ve got you covered, no matter what the assignment is!

So a wee bit about me….

I’m lucky to be a Wife and Mum to my three best friends. This is us below on the last day of Level 4 lockdown. (I rushed everyone outside to document the moment – cue the less-than-perfect lighting and rush of it all! As you do when it comes to ‘work’ for yourself !) Ants – husband, number one sidekick, master home brewer and bread maker, Landon – aka Landyman, spends ninety percent of life on a bike, loves sports, food and keen for any adventure, Ayva – great with a camera herself, horse rider, olive fanatic, amazing hugger and very old soul.

Lastly me – I’m a gal who is grateful for the simple things in life, family (of which I’m lucky to have a wonderful collection of – it’s a long and glorious story!), friendship, coffee, good food and drinks, travel, beaches, loud music, clouds, animals, wearing my gumboots and sunsets….what more could we ask for in life!

Simone x