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My story

I love to photograph people…..


Families, couples, children, but my most cherished subjects are the people who say “I Do”


I have always been naturally drawn to all things creative but not always able to execute my visions of grandeur…just refer to my sewing skills, but photography and I seem to have a mutual respect!


So as part of my nomadic existence being a military wife I decided to put one of our many postings to a new town to good use by studying photography at the local tertiary institution.  This was the beginning of a new world for me and I have been photographing ever since.  I left University with a plan, I had focused on weddings for my major project and as we were on the move again, this time to Auckland it seemed the perfect timing and place to start capturing wedding memories.  What I didn’t realise when I graduated was that I was about to become a mum shortly after.  I continued on photographing weddings and loved the privilege of being at the forefront of making memories for each couple that would last a life time.  Once Ayva arrived I began to understand more and more how important it was to capture the fleeting moments you experience in life as our little bundle of joy literally grew in front of our eyes! Ayva is now eight and we have a five year old son Landon as well.  I still relish looking back through their photos which capture so many moments and important people in their lives. I know this collection will be a legacy for them to look back upon and share for many years to come.


I believe memories are built around special moments and as a photographer I love the honour of being asked to capture these moments. My approach to photographing is relaxed, unobtrusive and fun, but always crafted in a unique and stylish way. I predominantly work with natural light and often see colours and lighting that I know will translate beautifully through the lens. I think we are so gifted by the environment we have around us and feel continually inspired by the backdrop nature provides us with to preserve wonderful memories within.


I have been lucky to meet so many wonderful couples and families so far and share in their special moments to craft amazing memories for them, but maybe this time it’s your turn? So why don’t you “say hi” I’d love to hear from you!


“Let me craft amazing memories from your world”




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